NEWSOSPHERE EXCLUSIVE! Excerpts from Roger Ailes’ Upcoming Book


The following are quotes from the upcoming book, “Roger Ailes: Off His Rocker”…

“If I was concerned with facts, I would have never started Fox News…”

“If Obama was an egotistical, bigoted, greedy individual, the attacks by the GOP would not have happened.  It would also help if he was white.”

“I do not regret letting Glenn Beck go.  I do regret that his batshit crazy theories still have an audience.  We could use the revenue.”

Fox and Friends is meant to be the antithesis of the network morning shows, in that we intentionally make up crap.”

“I think if Romney hadn’t of opened his mouth during the presidential race, he would have had a fighting chance.”

“If Rupert Murdoch didn’t trust me with Fox News, that sound I keep hearing on my home phone would spook me…”

“Joe Biden likes to tell it like it is.  No bullshit.  I admire that.  But it also keeps him from being invited on Fox News.”

“Our key demographic has always been intelligent, patriotic Americans who love their country.  And have more than six cats.”

“Do I think Obama will be the Apocalypse?  No.  When people figure out that my network is a twenty-four hour joke with no punchline – that’s what gives me the sweats at night!”

By clavius42

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