Attendees make their way into the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) at National Harbor

“Now step away from the teleprompter, Mr. President, and do your…um, what does that say?” — Sarah Palin

“If I didn’t hate every single minority and anyone who disagreed with me, I would be on the Home Shopping Network!”  —- Ann Coulter

“Obama is turning this country into a Godless America!  And that’s not just my medication talking!” —- Rick Santorum

“If a rogue tactical military group comes to rob your home, America, don’t come crying to me!” —- Wayne LaPierre

“I filibustered for thirteen hours, and I failed.  And that’s what I will bring in 2016!” —- Rand Paul

“If I am so prone to exaggeration, then why does every single journalist in the  universe still listen to me?” —- Paul Ryan

“Folks, I didn’t win.  Enjoy your dessert.” —- Mitt Romney

“Is it hot in here?” smacking lips —- Marco Rubio

“I believe in a party that is as genuine as the hair on my head!” —- Donald Trump

“Check the list again – I know I’m on it!” —- Ron Paul

By clavius42

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