NEWSOSPHERE REPORT: Results of the GOP for the GOP


According to the Growth & Opportunity Project  (or “The GOP’s GOP”)  , below are 10 lessons the Republican Party learned from its exhaustive search—and what it plans to do about it. *

1. Reach out to minorities because just like corporations, they are people

2. Stop referring to poor as “unwashed heathen”

3. When making point, make sure facts have been verified

4. Support women, aside from personal beliefs

5. Stop blaming Obama for football game losses, power outages, and disappointing restaurant service

6. Encourage voters to attempt to get past security at voting locations

7. Add “laugh track” to all future primary debates

8. Teach followers how to spell and actual history lessons

9. Against all common sense, religious beliefs, fears that it will start the Armageddon, and above all, the fear of losing lobbyists, support gay rights

10. Still insist Fox News is not “mouthpiece for GOP”, but in interviews shrug and say “but what are you gonna do?”



By clavius42

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