GOP Celebrates 20 Minutes of “Obama Free” America

John Boehner

With President Barack Obama leaving the country this week to pay a visit to Israel and Vice President Joe Biden returning after representing our country in the inaugural mass for Pope Francis in Rome, House Speaker John Boehner was in charge of the country for roughly twenty minutes tonight.

Fox News celebrated by airing “America Tonight: Twenty Minutes of Freedom” earlier this evening, and after hearing the news, it was reported that Sen. Rand Paul was kicking himself, remarking, “oh sure, tonight I chose not to filibuster!”

“It was twenty minutes of absolutely no gun control, a ban on gay marriage, and total neglect of the poor,” said Mitch McConnell.  “Not to mention almost a half an hour of any facts verified.  We could say any damn thing we wanted, and there wasn’t a response from the President.  Pure bliss.”

After Biden landed, and was informed of the brief celebration by the Republican Party, he said that “business is back to usual” and informed the party to “get their heads back into their asses”.

“Of course, these days, that happens even when they are in power,” added Biden.

By clavius42

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