LAST WORD: Same Sex Marriage – What’s the Problem?

To all those who vehemently oppose homosexual marriages – what is the big deal?

Why should any couple be condemned for their feelings for each other?
“The institution of marriage between a man and a woman should be preserved.”  Fine, but how about preserving love in whatever form it may be in?

“A marriage between a man and a woman is how it should be, particularly for children to grow up in a safe, loving environment.”  Of course!  Because no child has ever been physically and/or sexually assaulted by their parents, and no husband has ever done the same to their wife or vice versa.

So enlighten me.  What possible reason is there to forbid gay marriage?  Are these people asking for special benefits or rights that traditionally married couples aren’t entitled to?  No!  Will these marriages somehow affect these traditionally married couples which will trigger the unspooling of the fabric of our society?  No!  Or will people of the same sex who are given the right to legally marry going to start a violent, bloody revolution?

Say it with me –

There are so many issues that affect people worldwide, including hunger, violence and poverty.  All of those, unlike gay marriage, can actually affect every single person on the face of the planet.

We are all in this together, regardless of race, creed, or color.  Let’s add “sexual orientation” to that.

I believe in preserving institutions and traditional values, like civil liberties.
And what is the right to gay marriage but a civil liberty?

People who are so adamantly against something that will never affect their families, their way of life, or even their livelihood – I ask them –
Isn’t there too much hate in the world already?
Also, I would tell them –
Just accept.

By clavius42

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