Kim Jong-un Inspired by 1983 Classic “WarGames”


PYONGYANG – North Korean leader Kim Jong-un told members of his government yesterday that “after watching a pirated copy of a new movie made by American capitalist pigs”, he was inspired to start a nuclear war.  The movie in question has turned out to be 1983’s classic “WarGames”.

“I saw the technology in that movie, which clearly is more advanced than what we have now,” said Jong-un, “and decided to beat the Americans at their own game.”

Some advisors to Jong-un, who have gathered intel about new American technologies, have been shunned by the dictator.  “The pigs are trying to fool us, with their “windows” software and little round discs that are supposed to be more powerful than our floppies.  Let’s see their non-DOS computers try to master the intricacies of Pong!”

In related news, a new update for Windows 8 has been announced that, if successful, will make users of Microsoft software forget that the operating system ever existed…

By clavius42

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