Mission Accomplished

You all know the history.  You’ve heard the quotes.  And sadly a good portion of you watch a news channel that at one time was completely devoted to him.

And now he has a library.

A man who was elected President of the United States due to a recount, who waged war on a country and people who had absolutely nothing to do with 9/11, and even plunged us into a national debt that we are still recovering from.

I am constantly amazed by the shortness of memory many people exhibit when it comes to those who who have done truly horrific things.  Or maybe they don’t want to remember, want to shove it into a closet with other things they forgot or chose to forget.

But I remember. I remember when the war on Iraq was announced.  When Bush stood on that aircraft carrier and said the battle had been won.  The many years that followed after he had made that statement.  I remember the constant lies by the administration, and people who were ostracized for disputing them.  I guess I remember things differently.

Because even though there have been many pundits and television show hosts and panels and articles written about what Bush accomplished, I remember it this way because that’s how it really was.

We live in a world where people who have hurt America and alienated us from the rest of the world are given accolades.  They lie, and they claim that what they did was just, and no one can touch them.

I hope that these words I have written will dust off the cobwebs of your memory, and you will remember the past as it truly was.

Then unlike what Bush had promised on that aircraft carrier, my mission will truly be accomplished.

By clavius42

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