Tea Party Feels Vindicated by IRS Scandal – “Not as Crazy as We Actually Are”


Since the discovery that the IRS had possibly been discriminating against  certain Tea Party groups, many members of the extreme conservative party are saying that they feel vindicated.

“These past few weeks have proven that our paranoid fantasies about the government were true – we are not as crazy as we actually are,” said one Tea Party leader.  “It is all a big conspiracy, much like science.”

“First Benghazi, then the IRS, then this business with the Associated Press and the Defense Department,” said Tea Party favorite Glenn Beck.  “I am personally wetting myself!”

The organization has been criticized for many years, even by members of the GOP, as an extreme, possibly “bat shit crazy bunch of people” with their own agenda and a talent for misspelling.

“Big government is going down for the count, just like it did back in in 1776 when Boston dumped tea on the Democrats,” claimed Rep. Michele Bachmann, chair of the Tea Party Caucus.  “History will repeat itself, or at least I will repeat that history will repeat itself.”

In related news, Senators Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz are forecasted to be the GOP’s front runners for the 2016 presidential race, barring any unforeseen possibilities of common sense…

By clavius42

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