John McCain Says Syrian Rebels Should Be “Color Coded” To Avoid Confusion


WASHINGTON – After it was discovered that Sen. John McCain may have been seen with a kidnapper during his secret visit to Syria, McCain has suggested a new system.

“In order to avoid confusion, I think there should be some sort of color coding, so I know which Syrian rebels are bad or good,” said McCain today.  “If I had been elected President, that is one of the things I would have addressed immediately.”

McCain crossed paths during his visit with Mohammad Nour and Ammar Al-Dadikhi (a.k.a. Abu Ibrahim), two men who were part of a group that kidnapped Lebanese religious pilgrims.

McCain spokesman Brian Rogers said that if the person in the photos does turn out to be Nour, that would be “regrettable.”  He then excused himself before he broke out crying.

In somewhat related news, Michele Bachmann said earlier this week she will be not be seeking re-election, “or any position that would require me to open my mouth in public.”

By clavius42

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