Megyn Kelly Feels Sorry for Any Woman Working for Fox News


NEW YORK – Fox News host Megyn Kelly is in an uproar after comments made by Lou Dobbs and Erick Erickson about a study which showed that more women than ever were the sole or primary breadwinners in their households, insisting that it signalled a terrible new trend for civilization itself.

“What kind of sexist pig would say things like that?” roared Kelly.  “I am deeply offended and so should any female who is stupid enough to work for Fox News!  Makes you wonder what political party they support, doesn’t it?”

Another Fox News host, Greta Van Susteren, echoed Kelly’s rant against the sexist comments made by her colleagues.  “To even believe this sort of thing in this day and age – how primitive can you get?  What’s next?  Persecuting politicians and minorities just because of racial differences?”

Lou Dobbs offered his rebuttal earlier today, saying that “anything that I or Erick Erickson may have said was probably taken out of context.”

“But seriously, what do you expect from Fox News?”

In somewhat but not quite related news, Sen. Ted Cruz (TX) feels energized about his political career.  “I don’t like my party and they don’t like me.  It’s a great start!”

By clavius42

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