Marco Rubio Criticizes Marco Rubio’s Immigration Bill


WASHINGTON – Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) voiced his disappointment with Rubio’s own immigration bill today.

“The security of our borders should not be left to the machinations of this so-called Senator,” Rubio said.  “It is this kind of ineptitude that is harming the Republican Party, and I will not stand for anything Rubio proposes in the future.”

“As the bill stands, I won’t vote for it,” retorted Rubio.  “I hope that Sen. Rubio is not trying to please both parties, because it doesn’t work, and Rubio should know that.”

In a rebuttal, Sen. Rubio took himself on with claims of obfuscation.  “I honestly don’t know what Rubio’s intentions are, what with his pointless rhetoric and ambiguous statements.”

Rubio was unavailable for comment.

By clavius42

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