Recently there has been a great furor about a guy who leaked information from the National Security Agency’s database, called PRISM.  This system contains detailed information about everyone and everything, and many are up in arms because it violates our ideas of privacy.

While I agree that such a violation is wrong, given our society in this twenty-first century, is our privacy really such an important issue anymore?

On Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and Google Plus people share photos of their family, where they live, what they eat, even where they travel.  Thousands of people – many of them total strangers – have access to what you’re feeling, who you spend time with, even what you like, simply by reading your posts.

There are a multitude of apps whose sole purpose is to enable you to share every moment you capture on your smart phones.  Personal is quickly becoming an endangered species of a word.

There are many examples I could share with you, but one has always come to mind first and foremost, and it starts with a photo of a cup.

This photo was shared on Google Plus, publicly, and the cup it showed contained urine.  It was a photo of the user’s urine sample.  This person had stopped to take a picture of their sample, presumably in the clinic’s bathroom, and asked everyone who viewed the photo what the color of the urine meant.

That’s right folks – this person wanted opinions of one of their bodily fluids from total strangers.

Even before the advent of social networks, this kind of behavior would just be so wrong on so many levels.

We have apparently become so needy of other people’s attention that we simply disregard our privacy, our most personal thoughts, our friends and family, in a desperate bid for attention.

Is there such a thing as privacy now, and more importantly, does anyone still feel the need to protect it?

Ask yourself this.  And be honest with your answer.

Just don’t share it.

By clavius42

One comment on “NEED TO SHOW

  1. Given the very real need for protection from enterprising terrorists, the ‘wrongest’ thing about this whole NSA thing may simply be the lack of appropriate hiring practices so that someone like this young man could ever have access to what he claims to have had.

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