Note: My usual political skewering will return soon!  Stay tuned!  

Well folks, it’s been quite an education doing open mic again.
…remind me why I’m doing it again?

Last night’s show was the most entertaining by far.

We had three (3) comedians who were drunk – one who would not get off the stage and continued to have a yelling match with one of the audience members.  The other two each seemed to be experiencing some sort of emotional breakdown.

Oh wait, there were four drunk comics!  That guy who brought his notebook up on stage, but still couldn’t remember his jokes…

Maybe clubs should start offering complimentary Cymbalta…

Then there was the female comic whose every third word was “shih” …

And a white comic who dressed like a “gangsta” type – kinda like Robin Thicke – who must have really thought it was a good idea to do his routine in front of a predominantly African-American audience…

And the mike stand fell apart.  Repeatedly.

All in all, truly a night to remember.

If someone were to try to mug me when I was walking to my car last night, I would have just said, “you have no idea what kind of night I had.  Whatever you do to me is nothing compared to my experience at the comedy club.  So save yourself some trouble and just keep walking.”

Thanks!  I’m here ’til Thursday!  Try the waitress!  Tip your veal!

By clavius42

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