Whack Jobs From All Over Nation Salute Ted Cruz



After Sen. Ted Cruz’s twenty-one hour stand against “Obamacare” on Tuesday, certified nutjobs are coming out all over the Internet to honor him.

“It takes a certain person to compare Obama to Hitler, to go on aimlessly about movies he watched, even reading ‘Green Eggs and Ham’ to prove his point,” said one whack job.  “Normally I and other crazy people just rant in our houses, or to various animals and signposts, but Mr. Cruz did it live on television.  He is my God now, along with the other voices that speak to me.”

There is talk that Sen. Cruz will be receiving a special Medal of Honor from the Tea Party, for “his continual stream of bullshit by which our forefathers brought forth, according to the Bill of Rights”.

“I have never been more proud to be an American,” said one Tea Party leader.  “What this country needs is firm leadership by a man who stands for the truth, and will not be swayed by facts or even common sense.  I believe Cruz is that man.”

“Mark my words, when the vote actually begins for Obamacare, no one will care that I was talking about the effects it has already had on the American people,” said Sen. Cruz.

“Judging things before knowing what they might actually do is one of the cornerstones of being a Republican.”

In related news, sources say the GOP is considering very carefully any associations with Texas politicians in the future.  “They make us look sane, for cryin’ out loud,” said Sen. Lindsey Graham.

By clavius42

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