Sorry We’re Closed…

For those of you who blame the government shutdown on Obama…


After the tragic shootings in Newtown, what did he do?
He tried to enforce background checks.
What did he not do?
He did not take away anyone’s guns.  And he won’t.

Was he incessantly blamed for the Benghazi incident? Yes.
Was he implicated in the Benghazi incident? No.

Did the GOP intentionally shut down the government only to get what they wanted?  Yes.
Did Obama try to avert the shutdown, and ask to have a dialogue with the GOP? Yes.

Did he tirelessly try to and successfully avert a war with Syria?

What exactly do you have a problem with?  The fact that he’s not a dictator?  That he doesn’t shut down the government to get what he wants?  That he doesn’t blame video games and mental health institutions for mass shootings?  That he didn’t go to war with Syria?

What is happening is madness.  Make no mistake.  Congress is not doing this for you, and hasn’t done anything for you in several years.
They are doing it for them.
Because when it comes to the American people, the only time they acknowledge us is when they look to see what they’re stepping on.

No one’s taking away your guns. The government is not instituting death panels.  The NSA is not spying on you.  And no one is taking away your freedom.

Wake up.
Write your congressman and tell them how you feel about being ignored, mistreated, and lied to.

That is not what it means to be someone who represents us.
And that is not what it means to be an American.

Thank you for your time.



By clavius42

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