Study Shows CNN Dangerously Similar to Fox


A recent independent study conducted independently in Independence, Missouri, showed that the 24 hour news network CNN has become distressingly similar to one of their competitors, Fox News.

After exhaustive research and analysis of material on CNN, including interviews conducted, special segments, election coverage, holographs, and the as of yet unexplained phenomenon known as “Wolf Blitzer”, analysts are baffled at the resemblance.

Head of the study Branford Hunt explained the findings even further.  “Aside from the blatant bias for the GOP and Tea Party by Fox News,” he commented, “both news networks are hosted by people and feature segments so clueless in their nature, one could almost think that there is a conspiracy theory where there may be a connection, perhaps in ownership.  I just can’t tell which one is Coke and which is Pepsi, man.”

CNN host Nancy Grace voiced her disdain for the study.  “And I have millions of people who trust my judgment.  What does that tell you?”

In other news, sources close to the GOP reported that all members have been instructed by a recent office memo to mention “Benghazi” in all future interviews…

By clavius42

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