James Patterson Admits to Writing Rand Paul’s Column

Rand Paul

WASHINGTON – The Washington Post recently put an end to a column written by Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky) after it was discovered that numerous articles had been plagiarized from other sources.  Instead of apologizing for his wrongdoing, Paul has instead become angry for what he considers “typical college behavior”.

But today author James Patterson held a press conference saying that he was willing to admit that he had “co-authored” a great deal of Rand Paul’s articles.  “I freely confess that I – meaning “my staff of writers who write my novels” – participated in plagiarism.  But since rules of writing have never prevented me from authoring a bestseller, I had not considered it a big deal.  Until now.”

The authors’ world was furious with the admission.  Author Stephen King said, “Novels and columns should not be written by committee, because more often than not, the message and intent gets lost and it becomes a mess for all involved.  Just look at Congress.”

Rand Paul still plans to campaign for President, however.  “I didn’t get to where I am by doing the right thing, or even being concerned about it,” said Paul.  “And in the Republican world, that’s what makes me the prime contender.”

In other news, Toronto Mayor Rob Ford admitted that he smoked crack in many of his drunken stupors, but wished to clarify it was only when he was texting while driving…

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