Top Ten Predictions for 2014

10. Fox News discovered to be elaborate prank by Lorne Michaels of SNL

9. Kanye West’s ego discovered as cause for global warming

8.  Duck Dynasty moves to Fox News Network, Phil Robertson courted for presidency by Tea Party

7.  Studies show “Selfies” as leading cause of stupidity

6.  Congress voted out, replaced by local kindergarten class – budget decided, all economic problems solved within two weeks

5.  Facebook discovered to be project by NSA

4.  Ted Cruz beaten to death by ghosts of Boston Tea Party

3.  “Too big to fail” overrided by Supreme Court, bank CEOs sentenced to prison for “crimes against humanity”

2. Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber revealed to be same person, becomes leading act in Las Vegas.


And the Number One Prediction for 2014…

1. Apple introduces iLife, reality becomes obsolete.

By clavius42

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