Rush Limbaugh Says “Polar Vortex” Is Hoax, “Just Like Science”


Yesterday Conservative radio host and human Macy’s Parade float Rush Limbaugh told his listeners that the “polar vortex” that is sweeping the nation with record freezing temperatures was just a hoax concocted by the Democrats.

“The Left want us to believe that this is a sign of the so-called ‘global warming’, but this is just another feeble attempt by them to put forth their crazy notion about ‘science’.  Will they ever learn?”

Fox News said that they fully support Limbaugh’s views.  “The problem with Obama’s America is that they base their opinions on facts and evidence,” said Sean Hannity.  “If there’s enough of both, how does that explain that we’re still on the air?”

Phil Robertson, star of “Duck Dynasty” and GOP hopeful, said that Obama was probably behind the “polar vortex”.

“Though I wouldn’t rule out them homosexuals neither,” he added.

By clavius42

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