Golden Globe Experts Predict Fox News Will Sweep Television Awards


HOLLYWOOD – As anticipation grows for tonight’s Golden Globe Awards, many experts claim that popular shows like Breaking BadModern Family, and Downton Abbey will lose to the Fox News Network.

“For my money, the best comedy, writing and acting last year came from only one source.  The fact that people still believe that it and its people are real will prove to be a big joke on all of them,” said one analyst.

“You really have to credit the writers,” said Golden Globes expert Manny Johnson.  “When you watch the hosts and reporters, it’s almost impossible to believe their brains could come up with anything.”

Golden Globes host Tina Fey weighed in on what makes Fox News so special. “It’s like a 24 hour reality show – it’s complete bullshit, and like ‘Duck Dynasty’, it has a following.”  Amy Poehler – also hosting – added, “which says a lot about evolution when you think about it.”

But some media analysts beg to differ.  “I don’t know,” said TV Guide’s Paula Shore.   “After last year, I think CNN is due for some awards. When it comes to utter crap and fabrication, they really gave Fox News a run for their money in 2013!”

In related news, many people are projecting American Hustle to win Best Picture, which they say will make way for a new award in 2015 – the Most Overrated Movie of The Year…

By clavius42

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