Manager Calls Justin Bieber “Perfect Role Model for Teens”


LOS ANGELES – Pop singer and fashion icon Justin Bieber’s manager Scooter Braun said today in a news conference that “Justin could very well be the perfect role model for teen America”.

“He’s young, he’s egocentric, he’s irresponsible – that’s what being a teen is all about now,” said Braun.  “Justin has proven that being a no talent dick is the key to success in this world.  God love ’em.”

Bieber was recently arrested for drunken driving and resisting arrest in Miami Beach, Florida.  This was the newest event in a long line of recent irresponsible behavior.

Some diehard fans expressed disappointment in their idol.  “i swear,” tweeted Jenny Belieber, “if Justin does 6 more things like this i will never 4give him! #belieber4ever “.

“When I look at celebrities like Bieber, Miley, Kanye, R, it gives me real hope for the future of teens worldwide,” added Braun.  They have demonstrated time and time again that to make it in this world, you have to say goodbye to modesty, good behavior, and even morals. When this generation soon runs the country, we will all be in very good hands.”

In related news, Justin Bieber responded to the recent allegations by saying that he will keep on behaving badly until his balls drop…

By clavius42

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