Huckabee Apologizes for Comments, Didn’t Know What “Libido” Was


WASHINGTON – Mike Huckabee, former Arkansas governor, Republican presidential candidate, talk-show host, Baptist preacher, and floor wax, said today that he wished to amend his statements regarding the Democrats’ “war on women”.

“When I said that women didn’t have control over their own libidos, I confess that I didn’t know what a ‘libido’ really was,” said Huckabee.  “My sources have now informed me that it had nothing to do with the ‘women’s lib’ movement.  I try to be a student of history, but sometimes I have a hard time believing a lot of things I say.”

Huckabee also wished to clear up his reference to the Democrats as being “Uncle Sugar” for aiding helpless women with giving them birth control.

“To my knowledge, there is no Uncle Sugar affiliated with the DNC, but I am looking into a doctor with the same name,” he said.

Fox News said that they are encouraging more people to watch “The Huckabee Report” to get the facts straight before the show’s cancellation soon.

Sarah Palin said that she fully supports Huckabee regarding his comments, and as soon as she actually reads them, she will have more to say…

By clavius42

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