Sunday’s Game Ruined by Player Fumbling Ball


WASHINGTON – Sunday’s widely anticipated televised game was ultimately a huge disappointment due to the fact that one of the players on the opposing team fumbled the ball several times during the show, thereby giving his rival the advantage.  The athlete he was playing against was in top form, intercepting and carrying the ball for multiple touchdowns.

Many critics pointed out the possible reason for the failure.  “Clearly the player thought that his team was sending him as their star player to win the game,” said one critic.  “But once again, they underestimated the strength and behavior of their opponent, and clearly the guy was out of his league.”

“If he knew what he was doing, this could have easily been avoided.  But as any good player will tell you, you need to know who you’re playing, and also know when to change your plan of action.”

Another argument was that the player in question resorted to some plays that had been already been tried time and time again, with no change in results.

“When the old plays aren’t working, it’s time to come up with something new.  But sometimes people refuse to learn, even with actions that clearly didn’t work the first time.”

In other news, the Denver Broncos lost to the Seattle Seahawks 43 – 8…

By clavius42

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