Fox News’ Stuart Varney Defends Misinformation About CBO Report: “I Need My Job”

Stuart Varney - Fox & Friends - 12-2-13
Fox News has no comment after revealing misinformation about the latest Congressional Budget Office report, in their claims that the CBO was projecting the Affordable Care Act (or ObamaCare, or as Fox News calls it, The Devil’s Work) would cost nearly 2.5 million jobs.

Fox News personality and berk Stuart Varney said today that he defended the blatant use of misinformation by the twenty-four hour news network.  “I will not take back anything I or anyone said about Obamacare.  I say this as a loyal Fox News employee, and most importantly, as a person who can’t afford to lose his job.”

“If we all lost our jobs over anything we said, we would all be thrust into the real world, where people are working two or more jobs to survive – even though it has been reported that most of them have refrigerators.  Fox News is a cocoon from the actual world.  We have the freedom to say anything we can come up with, true or not.  I can’t imagine living in a place that would not afford that privilege to me,” said Varney.

“I would also like to add,” Varney added, “that we would all get our asses kicked in an actual employment search.  Can you imagine how many people we have pissed off with our callous and selfish comments on the impoverished working class?”

In somewhat related news, the Super Bowl Coca-Cola ad controversy is dying down, but activity still flourishes on Twitter by bigoted, homophobic, ignorant chowderheads… 

By clavius42

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