Exclusive Interview with Cupid!

TN: Today we have a legendary character in mythology, the one and only Cupid!  So here’s Mr. Valentine’s Day himself…

C: Howdy.

TN: So you must be pretty busy today, huh?

C: Not really.

TN: Why not?

C: Well, most couples these days meet online, through services like Match.com and eHarmony.  Hell, they are even meeting through apps now!

TN: So I’m guessing the bow and arrow business is not as good as it used to be?

C: Pretty much.  And now it’s a lot of chiding by other mythical characters.

TN: Really!

C: Lotta name calling mostly.  “Diaper Boy”, “Lovelorn Legolas”.
If it wasn’t for “The Hunger Games”, my mystique would be totally non-existent.

TN: Sorry to hear that.

C: Eh, no big whoop.  At least I’ve got my porn site.

TN: I won’t ask.

C: Yeah, I wouldn’t.

TN: So has the world really changed that much since you started your business?

C: Has it!  The divorce rate is way up, physical interaction has been replaced by texting, and don’t get me started about those Cialis commercials.  Trojan Man and I have had regular bitch sessions about those things.

TN: Do you think the texting thing will eventually replace human contact?

C: Just a matter of time, dude.  Pretty soon love will be something that slips through the cracks of technology.

TN: Nicely put!

C: Thanks.  I also moonlight writing for Hallmark.

TN: Well thanks for your time.

C: No sweat.  Enjoy Valentine’s Day.

TN: I’m single.

C: Exactly. 

By clavius42

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