Many Conservatives Support Theory That Babies Come From Storks


There are a rapidly growing number of Conservative lawmakers who say they believe that some “old wives tales” are based on fact.

“There is no consensus or evidence suggesting mothers’ backs are being broken because their children are stepping on sidewalk cracks,” one Conservative said.  “That is still conjecture at this point.  But there is irrefutable evidence that storks bring babies, thereby negating women’s need for reproductive rights.”

Jerome Corsi, Ph.D (no, really) author of “The Great Oil Conspiracy”, “Obama’s a Gay Nazi”, and “Why Am I Not In a Straitjacket?”, is a fervent supporter of the “stork theory”.  “Anyone who tells you that it’s not possible, is a Liberal, left wing, believer of climate change and the ‘world is round’ theory.  In short, total nutcases.”

Many scientists have disproven most of the Conservatives’ “facts” and “evidence”.  When asked about “the stork theory”, however, they could not give a straight answer, mostly due to the fact that they couldn’t stop laughing.

“It seems that every other week some Republican politician comes up with something that can be proven false by science, biology, or just plain common sense,” said one scientist.

“To suggest that we would ever use science, biology or common sense in our beliefs, is a mockery of what we stand for,” replied Corsi.

By clavius42

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