Arizona Lawmakers Having Difficulty Enforcing Anti-Gay Measures: “They Look Like Ordinary People”

Supreme Court Hears Oral Arguments On Arizona Immigration Law
PHOENIX – Arizona Governor Jan Brewer admitted today that a conundrum was created with the recent passing of a law that would enable businesses to discriminate against gays.”We are very pleased with this important anti-gay step,” Brewer said, “but I and my colleagues seem to be having a devil of a time keeping it enforced.  Truth be told – homosexuals, in many ways, look just like ordinary people!”

“It’s much easier with illegal immigrants, because they’re brown, and they don’t speak English.  If somehow we could make all gays brown and teach them Spanish, it would make my job much easier.”

Many businesses have protested the discriminatory act, saying that they have the right to decide for themselves who to serve.  “We have a newsflash for Governor Brewer,” said one restaurant owner.  “It’s the freakin’ twenty-first century, not the sixties!”

Brewer was quick to counter with explaining that she was only trying to uphold the American way of life.  “White, wealthy, and Conservative,” said Brewer.  Why on earth would anyone want to be anything else?”

In somewhat related news, the NRA is suing Texas for preventing teenagers from purchasing firearms.  “It is every teenager’s God-given right to blow away another teenager,” said Vice President Wayne LaPierre.

By clavius42

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