Bitcoin Losses May Be Recovered With Monopoly Money



Mt. Gox, one of the world’s biggest bitcoin exchanges, filed for bankruptcy protection earlier today, after losing a half a billion dollars in virtual money due to hacking.  But help may be on the way for bitcoin investors.

“We are discussing a joint project with Parker Brothers to use Monopoly money in order to recover from the losses,” said a bitcoin representative.  “It’s a case of non-existent money in exchange for another type of non-existent money.”

The FCE, or Fictional Currency Exchange, is on board to regulate moneys should the plan go ahead.  “We are working to avoid further abuse of internet-only currency.  I don’t think anyone wants to repeat the Bejeweled Blitz Crash of ’11.  A lot of people took a virtual bath on that one.”

“I think if we all pull together,” bitcoin owner Mark Karpeles said today in a news conference, “gullible online investors will not lose faith in bitcoin, nor any future fictional currency endeavors.”

In related news, bitcoin advises investors to be careful of other frauds, lest they go to Jail, do not pass Go, nor collect $200…

By clavius42

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