Fox News Claims Hitler More Effective Than Obama

Fox News will be airing a documentary this weekend as a special tribute to Russian president Vladimir Putin.”Putin is showing decisiveness and force to get what he wants,” said host Eric Bolling.  “And you know who else showed that kind of courage? Adolph Hitler.”

“I have always thought the German dictator was given a bad rap,” said documentary producer Bill O’Reilly.  “He got what he wanted, he wasn’t afraid to wage war, and he showed true strength.  Of course, he also tried to eliminate an entire race of people, but isn’t that our plan for the poor?”

Fox News has made several comparisons between President Obama and Hitler, and most people claiming the connection have made no apologies.

“But with Putin’s clear control of his power,” said Fox News anchor Neil Cavuto, “and Obama’s failure to bomb him into next week, it really makes you wonder what the world would be like if Hitler were alive today.  Or maybe even envy!”

In related news, the GOP is lobbying to pass a bill that would change the way people think of such historical figures as Genghis Khan, Benito Mussolini, and Pol Pot…

By clavius42

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