BREAKING: People Still Listening to Michele Bachmann


Reports indicate that things said by Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn) are still being widely reported by several online and twenty-four hour news networks.

“It’s baffling,” said one journalist.  “She keeps saying inaccurate and just plain batshit crazy things, but people still listen to her.”

Just recently, Bachmann claimed that Americans are being bullied by homosexuals, using intimidation tactics to dictate legislation.

“They’re even calling themselves ‘Americans’!,” said Bachmann.  “It’s like they think they’re living in the United States!”

“It’s one of those rare phenomenons,” said one political analyst. “Clearly the woman needs medication and possibly to be institutionalized, but instead people are supporting her beliefs and claims.  It’s like the mystery of celebrities – these people divert attention from people who actually have important things to say.”

In related news, an independent study is underway to investigate why people are still listening to John McCain…

By clavius42

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