Big Bang Theory May Be Proven But Ignorance Will Prevail, Say Conservative Groups


Many conservative groups are up in arms due to recent scientific findings that may just prove the “Big Bang theory”.

Mitchell Bryan, head of the Coalition for a Better Flat Earth, said today that “this is yet another attempt by Liberals to put facts ahead of ignorance.”

“Sticking only to what we believe and ignoring anything else is what makes our party great,”  said Bryan.  “It is a sad day when this so-called ‘evidence’ strengthens people’s support of science.  But in the long run, ignorance will prevail.”

If the “Big Bang” is proven accurate, many scientists believe, then other conservative ideas, like “creationism”, are in danger of losing their credibility.

“If dinosaurs and man did not live together 7,000 years ago,” said Rep. Michele Bachmann in a recent interview, “then how do you explain The Flintstones???”

In somewhat related news, the GOP is reassessing slavery in history, deeming slave owners as merely “job creators”…

By clavius42

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