Mourners for Fred Phelps Shocked by Behavior of Picketers


TOPEKA, KANSAS – Fred Phelps, the pastor who headed the infamous Westboro Baptist Church, was put to rest today, as angry picketers surrounded the mourners.

“They were holding signs up saying that our pastor deserved to die because of who he was!” said one church member.  “Have these heartless individuals no respect???”

Daughter Shirley Phelps-Roper said, “a man has died, and all they can do is heckle and dismiss the humanity of this person.  I am personally shocked, surprised, and offended!”

Shirley and other members of the family are discussing possible legal action with the local court.  When asked if there was a case for legal action, the judge replied, “are you kidding???”

By clavius42

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