Michael Bay to Direct Reboot of “Jaws”


LOS ANGELES – Action director Michael Bay, with the blessing of Steven Spielberg, is set to bring new life back to the Jaws franchise. Hollywood is already abuzz with exclusive new details.

Word on the grapevine is that Bay is tapping Shia LeBeouf as Chief Martin Brody, Zac Efron as marine biologist Matt Hooper, and the legendary Ian McKellen as the crusty shark hunter Quint.

“But this time Quint won’t die,” clarified Bay.  “This time the great white does not get the better of him.  That’s all I can say at this point.”

After experiencing the latest ground-breaking technology, 4-D, Universal Studios president Ron Meyer has plans to introduce a new way of watching the revamped classic.

“The audience will not believe their eyes!” said Meyer.  “Or their ears!  Or even their nose.  Not even their teeth.  It’s gonna be something really special.”

Pre-production for the movie, with the working title Jaws Again, starts next month, and production is set to begin in August.  And then pre-production will start all over in September.  And then probably post production will start after filming.

Look for further information on Michael Bay’s Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace pages.

Photo courtesy of Hasbro Bay Productions
all rights reserved

By clavius42

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