Hey Kids! It’s an Interview with The Easter Bunny!


Today I am interviewing one of the most popular holiday icons – the Easter Bunny!

GR: Welcome Mr. Bunny!

EB: Peter, or Pete…

GR: Peter Cottontail?

EB: Whatever floats your boat. Got a smoke?

GR: Isn’t that bad for you?

EB: Hey, it’s my day off. Sue me.

GR: Well I’d like to thank you for coming in on your day off. I suppose you’re getting ready for next Sunday?

EB: Yeah. Got my eggs ordered and everything.

GR: Don’t you make your own eggs?

EB: What do I look like, a chicken? These things come already painted too. Thank God for eBay…

GR: So what do you do when you’re not working?

EB: I play video games mostly.

GR: Really!

EB: Oh yeah, I play lots of games. But I stay away from Nintendo – any games where I have to hop or jump. I do that crap plenty in real life.

GR: So what other hobbies do you have, since you only work one day of the year?

EB: Whatever I like, really.  But I’m really keen on painting.  Not eggs, so don’t ask it.

GR: Didn’t even come to my mind.  Great job!

EB: Yeah, it’s a cushy gig, ain’t it? Great benefits too. Of course, I don’t have the recognition that other holiday icons do, particularly Santa Claus. Fat bastard.

GR: Are you okay with the commercialism of what is actually supposed to be a religious day?

EB: Heck yeah!  I have a deal with Cadbury and the people who make Peeps that keeps me very comfortable.  

GR: Thanks for your time, and “hoppy Easter”!

EB: Yeah, like I’ve never heard that one…

By clavius42

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