Lego Pegs Classic Martin Scorsese Films for Next Series


Lego and Traveler’s Tales, the company who makes the Lego video games, are both planning to use a series of classic movies by director Martin Scorsese for their next franchise.

“After tackling Harry Potter, Batman, Star Wars, Marvel, Lord of the Rings, Pirates of the Caribbean, even our very own movie,” says Lego president Bill D. Bloch, “it was only common sense to reimagine Scorsese’s movies in colorful blocks.”   

Movies to be adapted include Mean StreetsTaxi DriverRaging Bull, and Goodfellas.

“It’s a very exciting concept,” says Brick A. Semble, one of the Traveler’s Tales developers.  “For example, when Travis Bickle brutally kills the gangsters in the brothel, all of them turn into valuable studs, which you can use to purchase assorted weapons to use in a variety of psycho vigilante missions.”

“The Lego version of Robert DeNiro will probably be our largest seller. What kid doesn’t want to re-enact Jake La Motta accusing Joey of sleeping with his wife?”

Lego is also talking about adapting what they call Lego Scorsese: The DiCaprio Years, both as video games and playsets.

“We are very confident that the playsets, particularly the jet orgy fromThe Wolf of Wall Street and the Five Points war from Gangs of New York will be instant hits with children of all ages,” says Bloch.

Sources close to Lego say that they are already planning to piece together more franchises based on films by classic directors, to be released each year in assorted blocks of time. 

By clavius42

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