Georgia Governor Ensures Generations of Guns Will Be Safe

ELLIJAY, GA – Nathan Deal, governor of Georgia and gun advocate, signed the state’s “Safe Carry Protection Act”, which allows safe treatment for guns in schools, churches, and other public places.

“Our state has some of the best protections for gun owners in the United States,” said Deal . “And today we strengthen those rights protected by our nation’s most revered founding document, the magazine ‘Guns and Ammo’.”

“I want to ensure that guns and their families will be protected for years to come, to be able to come and go as they please, and to blow away anyone who gets in their way.  Guns are our future – we should treat them with the respect they deserve.”

Many critics of the act are calling it irresponsible, dangerous, and, as one person labeled it, “batshit crazy”.

“Georgia will become a state of gun nuts,” said the critic.  “Wayne LaPierre must be wetting his pants.”

“Why must guns suffer this kind of treatment?” said LaPierre.  “They deserve a place in our country more than anyone or anything. Particularly women and minorities.  And yes, I did wet my pants.”

“I want Georgia to be a safe place for our guns,” added Deal.  “I hope that the rest of the country follows our example, as an example for their children’s guns.”

In other news, Russian president Vladimir Putin denies any involvement in the Ukraine. “Anything resembling reality is not my concern,” said Putin. 

By clavius42

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