Tea Party Rallies to Ban Cinco De Mayo


Members of the extreme conservative Tea Party plan to hold protests against the upcoming national Cinco de Mayo celebration.

“It’s a day that celebrates Mexican heritage and pride.  Unless it’s one where we get to shoot illegal immigrants, we’re against it,” said one Tea Partier.

Cinco de Mayo’s origins come from Mexican-American communities in the American West commemorating the cause of freedom and democracy during the first years of the American Civil War.

“Which is another bane of our existence, due to the whole slavery thing, which was on its way out anyway,” said one Tea Party leader. 

Tea Party favorites Sarah Palin and Ted Cruz are showing their support by spreading the word during their national tours.  

“We hope to organize several demonstrations condemning Cinco de Mayo, just as soon as we figure out what day it’s on,” said Palin.  

By clavius42

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