A List of Rejected Children’s Books


1) Horton Hears a Whore

2) Alexander and the No Good Terrible Shitty Lame Ass Really Freakin’ Bad Day

3) First Book of Texting

4) Hoppity Rabbit and the Successful Drug Score

5) How to Forge Your Parent’s Signature

6) Rush Revere and the Failed History Class

7) Caffeine Is Your Friend!

8) Big Book of Cheating

9) Yay Punctuation Its A Good Thing

10) The NRA’s Let’s Build a Compound! 

11) The Little Engine’s Revenge

12)  Words Your Mommy and Daddy Use When They’re Angry!

13) Sometimes It’s Okay To Lie

14) There Are Many Things You Can Do With Gravel!

15) Hoppity Rabbit and Her Murderous Spawn

16) You Don’t Know Crap About Dinosaurs!

17) 20 Ways To Irritate Your Parents

18) The Lalalalalalalalalalala Book

19) Classic Fairy Tales – Uncensored!

20) Oh The Jobs You’ll Lose!

21) A Guide To Math You’ll Never Need

22) Look At You! You’re Reading An Actual Freakin’ Book!




By clavius42

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