Gun Nuts Offended by Behavior of Other Gun Nuts


A number of Open Carry supporters expressed their disdain after recent mass murders by a gun afficionado couple.

“Walking around with an assault rifle in public places may be offensive to some, but actually using them to murder people is just pushing it,” said one NRA member from his compound.  “It’s true that Obama is the Anti-Christ, and we are merely defending ourselves for the Apocalypse to come, but we are very disappointed in the behavior of some of our brothers.  It’s like being a family – don’t bring guns to a family squabble.”

“It’s these kinds of gun nuts that give us gun nuts a bad name,” said   “Open Carry Texas” president C.J. Grisham.

Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy denies any association with the couple who gunned down two cops and an armed civilian recently.  “We had plenty o’ guys who would shoot the hell outta the cops if they crossed my land, but I doubt many of them would have acted without an excuse, like some Negro doing the same thing.”

NRA vice president Wayne LaPierre defended the behavior of the couple’s rampage.  “Read your Shakespeare,” he said.  “They opposed authority, then turned their weapons toward each other.  Isn’t that what happened in ‘Romeo and Juliet’?”

The NRA also apologized recently to a number of “open carry” groups after publicly denouncing their behavior.  But then they retracted their statements, after many confessed they had lost their balls somewhere.

By clavius42

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