GOP Not Concerned with Facts About Benghazi


WASHINGTON – After this week’s news about suspected Benghazi ringleader Ahmed Abu Khattala being apprehended in Libya, it has only added to a culmination of facts about what really happened in Benghazi in 2012.  But the GOP is undeterred.

“There goes the Democrats,” says Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA), “just another step in proving what actually took place in Benghazi was what they had said all along.  That doesn’t help the fact that I don’t care about facts.  The freedom to make up things and blame them on other people is what makes this country great.  And I might add, the reason Fox News is still on the air.”

With new developments in the story, it is now appearing very likely that former U.S. diplomat Susan Rice was correct as to the reason that the U.S. embassy in Benghazi, Libya was attacked.

“If she thinks that she or even Hillary Clinton has been vindicated, think again,” said Senator and southern belle Lindsey Graham.  “This will not stop us from spending tax dollars to investigate what we thought really happened, and coming to the conclusion that we are right.”

Senator and disgruntled old fart John McCain said today that he is forming a select committee of his own on the Benghazi situation.  “For more, you can catch me on every one of the news shows this week and weekend, and if I get my way, ‘Dancing with the Stars’.”

In somewhat related news, when asked about a possible second war in Iraq, former president George W. Bush said that he “painted a cat”…

By clavius42

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