Vitriol or Die

Lately, I have noticed when I write a particularly political post I get comments from “liberals” saying things like it would be nice if Congress was more understanding of the homeless or I read an article you might want to check out, but, um, “non-liberals” say things like Obama is the worst fuckin president! and peddle ur liberal shit somewhere else pusy!!


So basically “liberals” – with a few exceptions – like to make comments that make sense and are usually thought out.  But the “non liberals” just want to yell and curse and resort to name-calling me and the other commenters.


Why the hair trigger reaction?  Why is there so much anger by the “non liberals”?  And why do they choose to spread their vitriol on other people’s posts?


It has been my understanding that when someone doesn’t understand something, or is not quite certain of what to believe, they instantly fight back with hate speech which contains coarse language and – most baffling to me – misspelled words.


Maybe if they thought it through instead of flying off the lid, we could have some good constructive conversations representing both sides of the argument.


And then maybe Congress could learn from us.

By clavius42

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