GOP Wants to Pass Bill to Ban Reasons


WASHINGTON – When asked repeatedly for how President Obama is doing a bad job, or what they would do to improve what the President was doing, members of the GOP said they want to enact a bill to prevent anyone from demanding their reasons.

“Bad mouthing the President is everyone’s constitutional right,” said Sen. John McCain.  “Why go and spoil it with why we do it?”

House Speaker John Boehner is proposing a bill, which if passed, would ban “any reporter, news show host, or American” from asking any Republican to elaborate on their criticisms of Obama and his policies.

“Do we really have to explain ourselves?” said Boehner.  “With any luck, this bill will pass, and I won’t have to answer that question.”

President Obama has asked time and time again for constructive discussions and logical plans by the GOP, but has continuously been turned down.

“If the President thinks that he will get any rational thinking out of any of us.” said Sen. Mitch McConnell, “he has another thing coming.”

“Time and time again, this man has pushed the boundaries of what is safe, which is actually answering questions and providing ideas.  I am beginning to doubt his credentials as a politician.”

The new bill will be submitted for approval as soon as the GOP finds another title than “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”…

By clavius42

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