Facebook Users Shocked Social Network is Using Them


It has recently been discovered that in 2012 the social network Facebook was using an algorithm which manipulated the emotions of the users by rearranging posts.  But the most shocking result to come out of the experiment is that users are actually surprised that Facebook is using their personal information.

“Facebook used to be a safe haven for stalkers, or as they are normally referred to now, ‘advertisers’,” said one Facebook critic. “People are on this thing daily, posting pictures of themselves, their pets, their family.  If there weren’t any restrictions, they would be posting their urine samples and bowel movements.  More than usual.”

“It’s an outrage,” said one FB user.  “It is my constitutional right to tell every damn person on the internet where I like to eat, what I like to eat, and how good I look when I do a selfie while driving my car!  I thought the NSA was bad, but it’s getting to where there’s no place to demonstrate a complete lack of desire to avoid public exposure!”

Facebook is the leading social network, with millions of users across the globe.  The recent news could be detrimental to the social network, but CEO Mark Zuckerberg is skeptical.

“If privacy is one of your life’s major concerns, you probably shouldn’t be on Facebook,” he said.

The NSA was unavailable for comment regarding the news, as none of them could stop laughing…

By clavius42

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