Bad Road

As of today, we live in a country where women’s rights are continually denied, there is racism, homosexuals and immigrants are ostracized, and people can wield guns in public places and purchase the guns legally, some wishing to do harm to others as well as theirselves.
And when you want to talk about or even comment on a post about such things and how simply wrong they are, you’re greeted with the most hateful, most spiteful language you’ve ever heard.People hating people, accusing people, shooting people, denying people their rights.I do not like where we’re going.Rich men hide behind their wealth, occasionally coming out to blame someone else for what they have done.  And the homeless still have no homes, the poor still are poor, and the children still suffer.

If our religious beliefs and our dependence on money have brought us down this road, maybe we should rethink our direction.

For nothing good can come of this.  Nothing has.

If you believe in God and the actual teachings – not the ones that have been manipulated by many for their own personal and political gain – God created women and men equally.

There is no such thing as the weaker sex, only weak minds. The God that I would believe in couldn’t care less about sexual preference, gender, or skin color.  Only that his creations would learn to love one another.  Equally.  And not kill each other.  And not kill the planet he put us on.

For you haters, do you ever ask yourselves “why?”.  Are you that angry and insecure in your own lives that all you can do is blame and hurt others? Do you actually read and see what’s going on, or is it easier for you just to yell about it?

This is a bad, bad road we’re on, people.  It is way past “what could be worse than this?”.  We’re already there.

Do yourself a favor.  Read and see what’s going on your world. Communicate with each other.  And above all, learn.

There’s either something bleak or wonderful on the horizon.


By clavius42

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