Angry Old Fart Discovered at Congressional Hearing


WASHINGTON – At a recent Senate Homeland Security Committee hearing regarding the ongoing border crisis, an angry old man was discovered, after he started ranting and raving at Deputy Assistant Secretary for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Thomas Winkowski.

“This irritable elderly man just blasted me after I said he had to check his cell phone in a detention facility if the phone had a camera,” said Winkowski.  “He even got my name wrong!  Who let this old fart in the building???”

Winkowski also said that the white-haired man cited a list of instructions with someone else’s name on it and then blamed him for it, after asking the same questions over and over, while Winkowski had to give the man the same answers over and over.

Witnesses said the old man also kept yelling things such as, “don’t talk to me that way!  I’ve been on T.V.!” and “I want to do what I want – you’re not the boss of me!”

“He seemed so out of touch, I was amazed he knew what a ‘cell phone’ was in the first place,” added Winkowski.

It was later discovered that the old man who was yelling and vocally attacking the Deputy Assistant Secretary was actually a senator.
“Maybe it’s time for the old folks’ home,” said Winkowski.

By clavius42

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