Perry and Hannity Campaign to Defend America from Immigrant Children


RIO GRANDE – This week Texas Governor Rick Perry and Fox News personality Sean Hannity went down to monitor the Texas/Mexico border in a new campaign to “rid America of heavily armed immigrant children”.

“We figure the children who are coming over the border in droves are smuggling in weapons,” said Perry.  “You know them little bastards are up to something, and we’re here to defend our second amendment rights, according to what we say they are.”

Sean Hannity tweeted a photo with he and the governor, along with photos of the guns and ammo they were using.  “They’re like the family I never had,” said Hannity.  “If you’re going to use social media, share with everyone the most precious things you hold dear.”

“Every sumbitch deserves the right to defend themselves from these children,” said Perry.  “Obama and his cronies are up to something, and we’re here to stop it before it becomes an idea they probably won’t have.”

Perry and Hannity plan to continue their tour through the South, speaking about Obamacare, Benghazi, and  and one of their prime targets, Hillary Clinton, because “2016 is just around the corner”.

“We have to think about America and what they want,” said Hannity, “and more importantly, our job security.”

A recent poll by Fox News watchers and Texas citizens said that while Perry and Hannity were on tour, no one had realized they had left.

By clavius42

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