Even With Leader Gone, Westboro Baptist Church Members Still Total Dicks

Members of the Westboro Baptist Church from Topeka Kansas demonstrate against homosexuality

The members of the Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka, Kansas are now celebrating the tragic crash of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17, making them one of the largest groups of heartless assholes in the world.

Even with the passing of leader Fred Phelps earlier this year, the Westboro Baptist Church still retains the mantle of being total dicks to anyone who is not them.

“There were AIDS researchers on that plane,” said one Westboro member.  “What if one of them discovered a cure for AIDS?  Then we would have to blame someone else other than fags for our problems!”

Some claim that members of the church are possibly mentally unbalanced.  But in their defense, one member said that “someone would have to put people who support open carry laws and right-wing conspiracy theorists in that group, so clearly that’s a ridiculous claim!”

“It’s God’s will that those planes went down,” said Phelps’ widow Margie Marie Simms, “it’s also God’s will that we should be utterly and totally inhuman to innocent groups of people.  That’s what God’s America is all about!  Or at least, that’s what we think it is in our tiny little, hate-filled, racist, homophobic, brain-dead world.”

When asked for a comment, a representative for God said he wished to convey a message from the Almighty asking the Westboro Baptist Church to “shut the fuck up”…

By clavius42

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