GOP Lawmaker Confident Palin Will Take America Into 18th Century

Military Supporters Rally In Washington To Re-Open WWII Memorial

Steve Baldwin, a former California lawmaker and executive for the conservative social activist network the Council for National Policy, is proposing a third political party, to be led by Sarah Palin.

“She has the guts and the know-how to take the American people into the eighteenth century,” said Baldwin.  “The Republican party has tried to, but it has consistently failed due to their concentration on impeaching Obama.  We need someone who’s not afraid of regression, and Sarah Palin is our ticket.”

Palin has shown interest in leading an extreme conservative party, but not the tea party.  “They’re just bonkers,” she said.  “We need to get back to the ideals our grandfathers set forth in the Restitution, the Declaration of Codependence, and of course the Bill of Reilly!”

Baldwin said the party should favor traditional 18th century values, when “men were men, women didn’t have rights, and anyone who wasn’t white didn’t have a vote”.

“God, I miss those days,” said Baldwin.

“We need a stable of respected national conservative leaders such as Sarah Palin to lead the charge,” said a supporter of Baldwin, “a woman who’s not afraid to know her place to go back in the kitchen and stay at home.”

“There are a lot of men out there who would prefer that I keep my mouth shut and not say anything unless asked,” said Palin.  “And isn’t that what the 18th century was all about?”

In related news, the Sarah Palin Channel is reported to be a big hit with a demographic consisting of people over 80 with too many cats…

By clavius42

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