People Who Post Too Many Photos on Facebook May Be Neurotic, According to “Duh!” Magazine


Researchers have found that neurotic and extroverted people tend to upload a higher volume of photos than the rest of the population, according to the weekly publication, “Duh!”

“We have found that many people who use Facebook who post everything from theirselves to their children to what they eat, may just be narcissistic as well,” the article continued.

Neurosis was the official conclusion by many researchers, citing that, thanks to social networks, people can tell total strangers about everything they’re doing.  “These people want acceptance,” the article went on to say.  “Much like people who stop you in malls and try to talk incessantly.”

The magazine says that researchers also contend that smoking cigarettes may cause cancer, watching too much television is bad for your eyes, and eating too much may make a person fat.

“We are also looking into the theory that constant masturbation may cause blindness,” said “Duh!” editor Mark Blankfield, “but so far there hasn’t been any obvious common sense discovered to support it.”

“Duh!” magazine says they are published weekly once articles have been written, advertisements have been included, and the publication has been readied for release.

By clavius42

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