Fox News Discovered to be Elaborate Prank by Lorne Michaels


NEW YORK – Sources close to NBC are saying what many in the industry have suspected all along – the Fox News Channel is an extremely elaborate prank created by SNL producer Lorne Michaels.

“It would explain so many things,” said one industry insider.  “No human being, let alone a large group of them, could be as unintentionally hilarious as the team at Fox News.”

“I admit nothing,” says Michaels.  “But if one did come up with such a devious plan. that individual would be uncommonly brilliant.” He then winked at this reporter.

With the 2014 Emmys airing tonight, there is also much speculation as to which show will win for best comedy series.

“If the truth is discovered before the broadcast,” said one producer, “and admit it, Lorne, you know it’s true – then Lorne Michaels and his Fox News team could very well sweep the comedy awards.”

Fox News president Roger Ailes was asked for comment, only to say that the slogan for the alleged twenty-four news network would be changing soon from “Fair and Balanced” to “Funny or Die”…  

By clavius42

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